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Frequently Asked Questions

I hope I have covered everything that you may want to know on my website, but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know anything else!

When is baby massage and baby yoga suitable?

Babies as young as 6 weeks old can begin baby massage and babies can start baby yoga from 12 weeks. Both classes are suitable for babies up to pre-active crawling. We encourage parents to continue massaging and doing yoga with their children for as long as your child enjoys it. It is recommended to start from 6 weeks old as their skin is beginning to mature and the NICE guidelines say that it is safe to use products on babies skin from then. Babies are also beginning to use more of their senses and most of the time the mother will have had their postnatal GP appointment by around 8 weeks old. We recommend massaging your baby 1-2 times a day. 

What baby oil do you use?


We provide parents with a complimentary 50ml bottle of Tiddley -Pom organic massage oil, that they can use at home after the classes. The oil is an organic sunflower based oil. It has been cold pressed and is unrefined, therefore it retains all of it's natural vitamin content and it will help to nourish your baby's skin. It is unscented so that it does not interfere with the bonding process of your baby. If it gets onto your baby's hands and into your baby's mouth, then it is safe and easily digested. Since sunflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the flower, it is perfect for those who may suffer from nut allergies. In Baby Yoga, we do not use oil as we do lots of movements with baby so do not want them to slip out of our hands. 

What if me or my baby are unwell?


If your baby is unwell, it is best not to massage your baby. For example, if they have sickness, diarrhea, rashes, lumps or bumps, or open sores on the skin, then massage could make them more unwell. Also, we want to keep other babies and parents safe, so we ask that you stay at home and seek medical advice. If your baby has a chronic condition, please consult your GP first before enrolling on our massage or yoga courses. It is recommended to wait 48-72 hours after any immunisations before doing any baby massage or baby yoga.

The best time to massage your baby is when they are happy and well, about half an hour after they have fed and when they are not too tired. If your baby cries during massage, do not worry. It does not mean that you are doing anything wrong, they may just want to do something else at that point in time and join in with the massage a little later. Remember, their cries are just a way of communicating with you!

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?


A course or event may be cancelled provided you inform Jessica in writing before 14 working days of the course commencing. This will entitle you to a full refund. Refunds cannot be given once you have begun the course.  Regrettably, I cannot offer refunds or discounts due to sickness or holidays. However, should you not be able to attend a session, I will try my best to offer you an alternative available session. Further details can be found in my Terms and Conditions.

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