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Hello, I'm Jessica, founder of Blossom and Bond parent and baby wellness classes in East Leake, on the border of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. 

I live with my incredible husband, Ian, and our gorgeous baby boy, George, who is now a 2 year old! I have been a Primary School Teacher for the past 8 years, specialising in Early Years Education. I have always had a passion for child development and loved my career, working with various children from all different backgrounds. I am DBS checked, paediatric first aid trained and fully accredited and insured to run my parent and baby classes.

I decided to train as a baby massage and yoga instructor with Blossom & Berry whilst on maternity leave. I first fell in love with baby massage when I attended a local class with George when he was just 8 weeks old. I instantly felt at ease in the class due to the calming and relaxing atmosphere and enjoyed learning how to relieve George of tummy discomfort through massage. I also made good friends with the other parents in the class, so George now has lots of baby friends who we regularly play with and I have new friends for support. I knew that becoming a baby massage and baby yoga instructor was the next step for me!

From speaking to new parents, not many knew about baby massage and it's benefits, so that is why I make my sessions enjoyable and informative. I am passionate about baby massage as it is like no other class. There is simplicity in just taking the moment to be still and present with your child and letting them connect with you through their senses. But more importantly, I believe that there is a need to have classes that are there for the parent as being a new parent can be extremely rewarding, but at times overwhelming. Unfortunately, post natal depression is on the rise, so if I can provide a service where parents feel nurtured, celebrated and loved then I will know I am doing something right. 

Blossom and Bond classes aim to help create a positive world for children to grow up in. My mission is to empower parents to love, nurture and strengthen their bond with their baby, in a safe and loving environment, whilst feeling supported themselves. 

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