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A beautifully relaxed baby massage course, which helps to strengthen your life-long bond with your baby, through nurturing and positive touch.​​ During our sessions, we will learn a lovely massage routine, learning how to massage a different area of the body each week.


This is a 5 week course that is suitable for babies from 6 weeks to pre-active crawling. It focuses on the parent's wellbeing as much as the baby's. To make this course extra special. it also includes a free professional mini photoshoot!

blossom and bond baby massage
Baby Massage in East Leake, Loughborough

What's included?

A professional mini photoshoot of you and your baby during the final session that includes the option to purchase digital downloads directly from the Photographer.

A complimentary 50ml bottle of Tiddley -Pom organic massage oil, that you can use at home after the classes (worth £5.50).

Weekly refreshments for the parents, and home baked goodies

Weekly flower circle photo area 

Sensory toys for your baby to play with during the session

Electronic handouts and a mini recap video sent to you personally so that you can continue massaging your baby at home

Time to chat and make friends​ with other parents

A mini photoshoot against a floral backdrop taken by Jessica with access to all images

A little keepsake gift and certificate

The option to join a group WhatsApp to build a community with other parents.

Baby Massage with Blossom & Bond
Blossom and Bond Baby Massage in Melton Mowbray and East Leake
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What is baby massage?

​Baby massage helps to create a love bubble between you and your baby. It provides the perfect environment to strengthen the bond with your baby, through touch, talk, smell, baby gazing, listening. Massage produces the love hormone, oxytocin.

Parents are babies first teachers and babies learn about emotions, feelings, and social interaction from their parents. As both of you will produce oxytocin through relaxing touch, this will allow you both to bond together, in a supportive, calm and loving environment. There is nothing better than switching off from the outside world and being present with your baby, letting them connect with you through their senses. 

Baby massage has many health benefits too, such as relief from colic, constipation, congestion and even helps with teething. It can also aid the development of your baby's nervous system and improve the effectiveness of messages being sent from your baby's brain to other areas of their body. 

This class will help to support babies' emotional development in order to help create a secure child who is confident to explore the world, interacting with others with the knowledge that he/she is loved.

This 5 week course is baby-led so throughout the sessions we will check in with baby to ensure they are happy and relaxed. If your baby would like to feed, cuddle or sleep during our session then they are more than welcome to do so, all strokes will be repeated the following week so you will be able to watch and join in when baby feels ready. And please DO NOT worry if your baby cries, it's okay, we've all been there, this is a safe space for you.

Week 1 - Introductions and legs and feet

Week 2 - Tummy and chest with colic routine

Week 3 - Arms and Hands

Week 4 - Face and Back and extra photo opportunity against a floral backdrop

Week 5 - Recap of all and optional professional mini photoshoot.

At the end of each session, we recap the massage routine from the week before. You also get a recap video emailed to you so that you can practise at home.

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